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SSH in international research funding

  • Van Hemert, Patricia, and Peter Nijkamp. 2008. “Thematic Research Prioritization in the EU and the Netherlands: An Assessment on the Basis of Content Analysis.” Research Memoranda 0023.
  • King, Desmond. 1997. “Creating a Funding Regime for Social Research in Britain: The Heyworth Committee on Social Studies and the Founding of the Social Science Research Council.” Minerva 35(1):1–26.
  • King, Desmond. 1998. “The Politics of Social Research: Institutionalizing Public Funding Regimes in the United States and Britain: British Journal of Political Science.” 28(3):415–44.
  • Papanagnou, Georgios. 2011. Social Science and Policy Challenges: Democracy, Values and Capacities. Paris: UNESCO Pub.

SSH related studies

  • Mapping the Population, Careers, Mobilities and Impacts of Advanced Research Degree Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities (POCARIM)

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