Alain Peyraube

Alain Peyraube


PhD dissertation : “Les constructions locatives en chinois moderne” in 1976 (University of Paris 8)

Doctorat d’Etat : “Syntaxe diachronique du chinois – Evolution des constructions datives du 14eme siecle avant J.-C au 18eme siecle” in 1984 (University of Paris 7)

Prior Work:

Director of the Institute of East Asian Linguistics (CNRS and EHESS) (1984 to 1998)

Deputy Director of the “Division of Humanities and Social Sciences” of the CNRS (1997 to 2001)

Director of the “Division of Humanities and Social Sciences” at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (2001-2007)


Current Employment/Responsibilities:

Directeur de recherches emerite at the CNRS

Directeur d’Etudes at the EHESS

Directeur of the Collegium de Lyon (Institute of Advanced Studies)

 Areas of Research Interest:

Chinese diachronic syntax and semantics;  typology of East-Asian languages;  cognitive approaches to the diversity of languages; and the origin and evolution of languages. His latest research has been carried out within a broadly functional framework from a cross-linguistic perspective. It has been mostly concerned with the mechanisms of syntactic and semantic change in Chinese from the period of the first recorded inscriptions (14th century BC) to the modern period (18th century): this includes problems of analogy, of reanalysis (grammaticalization) and of external borrowing.