Antonio Di Gulio

Antonio Di Giulio


He holds a Master degree in Agricultural sciences and a specialized Master degree in rural development, programmes and projects. He has a Doctoral degree in food economics. Elected member of the Accademia dei Georgofili, Florence (Italy).

Prior Work:

He started his professional career as an agricultural economist with the United States Foreign Agricultural Service- Department of Agriculture, (FAS/USDA) in Rome, Italy, working primarily on commodity and food products market analysis as well as on scientific and regulatory aspects including food safety and WTO trade issues.

Prior to his post with the European Commission, he was Principal Administrator with the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies, (CIHEAM) a Paris based inter-governmental organisation, linked to the OECD, where he worked on policies and research programmes on agricultural and food production systems of the Mediterranean region. His duties included the co-ordination of research programmes, and the supervision of CIHEAM Annual report on “development and agri-food policies in the Mediterranean region”, and he was also part of CIHEAM senior management committee.

Current Employment/ Responsibilities:

Dr. Antonio Di Giulio is currently Acting Director for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food in the Research and Innovation Directorate General, European Commission.