Dainius Pavalkis

Dainius Pavalkis


In 1984 he graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (former Kaunas Medical Institute) with the qualification of a medical doctor. He continued his studies in the clinical residency in Moscow Research Institute of Proctology and later completed post-graduate studies in Moscow Research Institute of Proctology and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Prior Work:

Prof. D. Pavalkis has been an intern on more than 50 occasions since 1995 at the best-known clinics in the UK, USA, Austria, Italy, Germany, etc.

He has published over 280 scientific papers, and is a co-author of two textbooks. He has supervised or advised doctoral students on their dissertations. He has given over 70 presentations and lectures at international events; he has been a guest lecturer on more than 30 occasions. Prof. Pavalkis has been a visiting professor at universities in Athens, London, and Prague. He is a member of various international medical organizations.

He is also a member of the editorial boards of Lithuanian and foreign medical journals.

He is a member of the Labour Party.

Current Employment/Responsibilities:

Minister of Education and Science of Lithuania.

Areas of Research Interest:

Surgery, oncology, colorectal cancer, education.