Eugenijus Butkus

Eugenijus Butkus


  • Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry, 1974;
  • PhD 1979;
  • Postdoctoral  Fellow at the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (Czech Republic) 1980-81;

Research experience:

  • Research work at the Lund University (Sweden), 1993, 1996, 1999 and SOCRATES program in 2000;
  • TEMPUS individual programme grant at Brussels Vrije University, 1994;
  • scientific work at Princeton and Minnesota Universities (the USA), 1998;
  • Scientific work at the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, 2001.
  • Swedish Institute Project „Supramolecular Tubes Based on the Bicyclo [3.3.1]nonane and Pyridone Frameworks for Applications in the Fields of Nanomaterials and Medicine“ (2003-2004); Nordic Council NordForsk projects „Crystal Engineering and Supramolecular Materials“ (2006-2010), and „Excellent Nordic Chemistry“ (2011-2014).
  • The coordinator of the FP7 collaborative project SPREE (2013-2015).

Current Employment/Responsibilities:

Vice President of the European Science Foundation; Vice Rector for research of Vilnius University.

Areas of Research Interest: development of synthetic methods; supramolecular chemistry; science policy.