Kristian Berg Harpviken

Kristian B. Harpviken

Education: PhD in Sociology from the University of Oslo with a dissertation on the micro-foundations of wartime migration in Afghanistan.

Prior Work: Farmer; Director and Agricultural Coordinator, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee in Peshawar; affiliated with PRIO since 1993 (Student associate, Researcher, Senior Researcher, Programme Leader, Deputy Director)

Current Employment/Responsibilities: Director, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Areas of Research Interest: A long time expert on Afghanistan and the surrounding region, Harpviken holds particular competence on wartime migration, transnational movements and mobilization, and the dynamics of civil war. He also holds expertise on peace processes and negotiations, peacebuilding and post-war reconstruction, and keeps an overview of the global status of peace and war. He has taught several courses on methodology in crisis situations both for practitioners and graduate university students, and apart from Afghanistan, he has fieldwork experience from Angola, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iran, Mozambique, Pakistan; in large part related to the landmine situation and the landmine campaign.