Milena Žic-Fuchs

Milena Žic-Fuchs


She graduated from the University of Zagreb‘s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, majoring in English language and literature and ethnology. In 1982 she received a MA in linguistics and in 1989 a PhD, also in linguistics.

Current Status:

She has worked at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences since the late 1970s holding various teaching positions. She is now a Full Professor of Linguistics in the English Department, University of Zagreb. In May 2002 she became an Associate Member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) and in May 2010 she was elected Full Member of the Croatian Academy. Milena Žic Fuchs teaches Semantics, Cognitive Linguistics, Discourse Analysis and American Linguistics for PhD students at graduate level. Her latest book Cognitive Linguistics and Language Structures: the English Present Perfect came out in 2009, for which she received the National Award for Science for 2011.

Prior Positions:

Milena Žic Fuchs was the Chair of the Standing Committee for the Humanities of the European Science Foundation from 2009-2012. From 2002-2011 she was the Chair of Linguistics at the Department of English, University of Zagreb. She is also the former Minister of Science and Technology in Croatia.

Current Employment/Responsibilities:

Full Professor of Linguistics, University of Zagreb

Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Areas of Research Interest:

Cognitive Linguistics, Semantics, Discourse Analysis, Syntax, American Linguistics